4252A's "Kublai" Reveal(s)

Well, I though I might as well join the reveal bandwagon.

First is our Houston League robot: Kublai 1.5. We were 4th in Qual. and had some pretty effective scoring/descoring. Unfortunately, our drive misbehaved during the finale, so we had to stop at quarter finals. We did walk away with the design award. (Also, shout out to 1429 KAOS for being our fantastic alliance). Robot skills capped at 155.

Here is a relatively good match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDbT6mBxhrw

Next is our Garland Regional Bot: Kublai 2.0. We built this in little over a weekend as a little design experiment. It’s just basically a huge 25in spatula that pops out at the beginning of the match. It actually worked pretty well, so we will be working with some of the same features once we get to our next design for San Antonio. We got to division finals (thanks 136M and 136A from Berkner) and got the design award, qualifying us for worlds. No video for this one as of now. We only got 105 in robot skills, but we believe we can get a lot more with practice and using the high goal.


Hopefully with time and actual practice we will be able to either solidify or renovate our design.

This looks awesome. You have any video of it in action?

Wow! Big change. Can’t wait to see it in action in San Antonio!

Unfortunately no for now, unless someone who also went to Garland and took video wants to share. I will definitely get footage of San Antonio early in January.

If you just want a video of some practice I can try and get that as well.

Just to make it really clear , Pastoral Invasion’s Kublai Khan won the Design award at Houston League and the Garland VEX Regional !

They have one of the best Design notebooks I’ve ever seen ! Hopefully at worlds they will have their notebook on display for other teams to see !

Here is an additional view of the expanded spatula. This is after picking up a line of 8: something we’ve gotten pretty quick at. I tried taking video, but found it too difficult for me to do it alone. Maybe later after Christmastime.


Here is Version 2.5 from San Antonio. We were 3rd seed captains and design award winners (which was actually world qualifying). We lost QFs due to some nasty defense (still thanks to 4000X and 5678) but we are ready to begin construction on a completely different design for Austin and Worlds. More videos and info to come.


We have left our spatula phase and have developed the 4th version of our robot. We built this in a weekend after a failed hoarder experiment, but I’m quite satisfied with the result. We had some issues with the drive burning out and shafts breaking but we still managed to pull off 6th place in Austin and made it to semifinals (thanks 136A and 1366E). Our robot kept breaking down, but we hope to smooth it all out by next Austin competition because this thing works well when it is working.


We are glad you are going to Austin and not Lawton on the 2nd. :smiley:

That is a very impressive robot, and as you said when it works it works VERY well!

I will check to see if my wife got video of you and Berkner in the semifinals at Austin, I know she got a lot of video before running out of battery.

I’m bummed I will miss Pastoral Invasion at Austin this year.

You two need to publish that design notebook at the end of the year, I want to use it as the benchmark of design documentation !

Does Pastoral Invasion plan to be at Worlds this year ?

We probably will reveal the notebook after worlds (It’s a lot of files so it will take a while to compile).

We are registered for worlds! Hope to see the discobots there.

@sdbrobotics: Thanks! That be awesome to see some footage! You did an awesome job and I hope you the best of luck in Lawton. It was a lot of fun playing you in QFs.

Here is a little teaser: We are re-designing for worlds. It has been a bit hectic considering our time limit, but we managed to score all the sacks we could actually set up on our little practice field for a skills run with our latest prototype. Broke past 200 points for our very first time and we still need to build a high goal scorer. Don’t worry, the next 2 weeks promise many improvements.

Our emphasis:
-Build quality
-A powerful and reliable drive
-Smarter programming to aid in both autonomous and user control
-Quick trough/high goal emptying
-Very fast medium capacity scoring (10-12 sacks average).
-Ridiculous amounts of decoration
-Awesome sound-playing capabilities (if I get my way :stuck_out_tongue: )
2013-03-29 14.42.39.jpg

looks great. look forward to seeing what you have in store!

Added a high goal scorer, raising our high driver’s score to 220. There is a lot of tweaking still yet to be done. Our driving is getting progressively better but it is still difficult since this robot is pretty brand new. We can now empty a full trough in less than 5 seconds and de-score the high goal in much less. Our highest hope is to get picked for eliminations, but I am sure we’ll have a great time no matter how we end up. I’ll be posting a picture of what we end up with once we are done with the decorating :smiley:
2013-04-11 22.21.19.jpg

Looks like it’s going well! Is that robot in the background actually your new robot?

Yes, that’s it.

Good luck at Worlds, especially with the Design Award!