4270C Bot so Far. Thoughts?

This is our bot so far, we just need to get a four bar adjustment arm and it will be done. Thoughts?

Is that a goliath intake I see?

behind the mogo?


You know the wae brudda

It doesn’t seem like you are maximizing the height of your lift. You should offset the four bars to get more height. To offset a four bar, you put the top bar towards the back and the bottom one more towards the front. If you screw three c channels together, you should see the difference.

so far, it looks great! (besides the cone intake not being mounted) I notice you are using the 60 tooth gears for the DR4B instead of the 84 tooth ones most teams use. How well do they work?

Good. Very good.

Actually a 1:5 gear ratio is quite common for a dr4b. It works quite well if build quality is good. With four motors it should definitely work well.

We’ve run it at 80 and it hasn’t stalled, so we’re going to try to high speed it which is like:

How does this help? (honest question, having trouble visualizing)

Same. A pic would help.

And we just finished shifting stuff to keep our bot from tipping, so I doubt we’re going to do it again.

The Mogo pinion that is cantilevered is a bit sketchy but other then that it looks good.

What? I know we had some diagonal issues when I took that cause i stuck something in the wrong whole, but I fixed that.

Haha, I see you still have NbN balls everywhere. Bot looks great, look forward to seeing it when it’s done!

Pretty nice overall, but I would recommend as I do on my robot, is to put a 5 by 35 c-channel on the bottom 4-bar on your DR4B. Helps a ton with stabilization and is the reason why I don’t need PID.

Planning on it, we just couldn’t until we moved our lift posts back yesterday. We’re going to x all three sections of our lift.

Yeah, our class just did a project that used nbn balls, and we just ripped apart our field to host a comp at a local arcade place so it probably looks like we’re still in nbn season right now.

1 thing I noticed right off the bat is wiring