4270C Reveal

I believe that actions speak louder than words (actually I was just to lazy to film a real reveal) so here’s a video of our bot scoring 77 in a 1v1 TSA Match:

Nice, did you qualify for TSA nationals?

No, our auton was supposed to be a 20 pt auton but ryan deleted it just after we finished it on accident; meaning that that ten point auton was really just an inconsistent twenty point, so we lost auton the next two rounds and some anti driver load defense from the other team ended up in us losing the next two rounds by about 10 points each.

Next time you accidentally delete something, make sure to check your recycle bin! RobotC basically deletes your old file and creates a new one each time you save, so you can actually see a history of your program if you keep saving it.

Oof. I will keep that in mind.