4410C Technocracy Charlie ITZ reveal

4410C Technocracy Charlie is proud to announce that we have a reveal for ITZ!!!

Feel free to ask any questions below.

See you at the U.S. Open and Worlds.

Great robot


idk if that cat’s a 10 point cat or not…

more like a 20 point cat if you ask me.

In all seriousness, very impressive design! I love how simple the passive cone intake is.

Wait, we can score cats now? sucks cat up into goliath

Watch the claws and the bands

Sadly no the 10 point cat is not available on RoboSource @[SPR] JP

However there will be 10 Point Cat stickers at our booth at worlds, come by and grab one


Looking good! Stack height?
Be sure to stop by our pit at U.S. Open :slight_smile:


Our stack height is 11. The reason we went with this height is because in Wisconsin there are a lot of teams that stack very high, but don’t have very fast/powerful drive trains. So we stack one or two stacks of 10 or 11 and go bury a mobile goal in the corner or play defense. This is a strategy that worked well for us, especially at our state championship.

Yes, that is understandable for a passive intake. We can get around 13 max, but no stationary ability… yet. We actually have nearly the exact same ratios, and motor distribution thats why I was curious. Maybe we can scrimmage at the U.S. Open.

Also check out this QR code below!

A scrimmage sounds great! Could we also bring our partner team 4410B? We are going to try to get the 10 point cat stickers by the U.S. Open.

nice bot you guys got there

just one question when you say passive defense auto and rush defense auto what do you mean by that


Nice bot :wink:

A rush defense is your normal defense autonomous, you set down the robot and simply aim it at the opponent of your choice.

Our passive defense is a special routine we made up and haven’t seen before. It starts backwards facing a mobile goal and then turns towards the three cones in between the blue and red mobile goals in the center of the field. It then pushes those three cones and any other in the way of where the opposing robot will end up after picking up a mobile goal. We then turn to pick up our mobile goal closest to us putting our preload and a cone in the middle of the field onto a mobile goal and then puts the mobile in the 5 pt zone. Ideally this deploys a little late to let the opponent drive towards a mobile goal and when they come back they either get stopped by some cones or push them into their partner.

We have not used this routine yet however are planning on using it at the US Open and Worlds

thanks wow the passive defense sounds nice is it possible if i can use that routine for my bot ?

Absolutely you can use it!

Also what team are you?


we are 4549A BC canada :slight_smile:

this is our first year

@Technocracy Sure, sounds good! PM me, and we can work out the details.

Ummmmmm…link text

Sorry, we didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes, what we said didn’t come out right. All we’re trying to say is we were trying to be complimentary to robots like 202Z and 536C and 5062A, and other great robots.

Why is your video catching so many dislikes?