4411A Robot Reveal 1.0

Let me know what you think.
Apollo X arm down.jpg
Apollo X arm up.jpg
Apollo X back.jpg
Apollo X top.jpg

I was wondering why my neck hurt. Then I realized my head was sideways. xD

Looks clean. Do you have any videos? How well does it intake and score?

Sorry about that I didn’t even realize it was that way. I currently do not have videos but it picks up quite nicely actually. One of its main strengths is that it could descore so easily. The arm moves up and down in less than 2 seconds.

here are the picture facing the right way.
Apollo X arm up.jpg
Apollo X back.jpg
Apollo X top.jpg

O.O That’s massive, how much does it weigh? Also, what do you use your pneumatics for? Looks formidable, interesting to see a scissor-lift being employed instead of ye olde six-bar.

The pneumatic is so that when I am scoring it would push the gripper open and all the sacks would fall out instead of rolling out. It helps the driver to score faster. The robot approximately weighs 19 pounds including the both batteries.

19 pounds?! O.o
How many motors do you use for your drive?

In my experience, scissor lift robots tend to be a bit heavier than other types. Our scissor-bot from Gateway weighed 25lbs (good at pushing, not good at much else).

To OP, is there any particular reason you went with the scissor lift design, rather than a lighter/simpler lift?

How many sacks could the robot lift

9090 has a formidable scissor lift, I enjoyed seeing at the Dallas Sack Attack in January.

The base is powered by four 393 geared four torque with a 1:1 ratio. I wanted to try something different from the regular 6 bar lift and I wanted to keep the robots center of mass in the center so it would not tip over.

The arm how it is could lift up from 8 to 10 sacks.

Its nice to see another team using a scissor lift. What gear ratio did you use on the lift?

I have rack gears mounted on a linear slider that is been driven by a 32 tooth high strength gear. It goes up and down fast and it maintains its stability very efficiently.

Looks like you pretty much dominated yesterday. Nice job!

Thank you!! With the help of team 6966A we were able to get to and win the finals very easily. WORLDS here we come!!!