4476 W.A.F.F.L.E.S Teaser

Hi Vexforumers, I would like to show you 4476’s teaser video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8vMZPxZLn0 . It was shot using a GoPro camera angled slightly up at the back (buisiness end) of our robot. We will be attending the Toronto vex competition tomorrow and will probably be showing more videos of our robot with our gopro in the future.

Thanks to all those who complemented on our robot yesterday. It was cool to have people dub our robot the “beast” or the “monster” robot. The number of elastics we had on our robot was also mentioned several times. Unfortunately we had some bad luck yesterday, and a few things that we need to refine further.

Probably our favorite moment of the competition was in our last qualifier when our alliance partner, 820 got stuck and we ended up helping them out by pushing them to park in the last few seconds of the match. Great working with all of the teams yesterday and we are exited to fix up a few things for our next tournement in two weeks. We shall see some of you there!

Here some of the videos from our tournament:

This is from one our driver skills runs. The camera is on the left side of our bucket. I think we only got around 45 points.

This one is like our teaser but you get to see more.

The camera in this one is under the elastics that can be seen in the video above. During this match we accidentally dropped a sack onto the drive.

I really like to see creative use of elastic. To me its like a one way motor and can only help. I hope next year I will be able to use my elastic powered intake idea if the game permits.
Otherwise, great views from the go pro. Any particular reason the elastic seemed to stretch when you were facing the troughs instead of away from them or does that not matter? Can’t wait to see what it actually is.

Our bucket is kept down until we want to score by a pneumatic piston lock. We only released the piston when we are facing the trough.

Currently doing some tweaking on our robot to get ready for our second competition this weekend in St.Catherines. Should be a great tournament.

We have been busy working on some improvements to the robot for our potentially last competition on February 22nd. Some major improvements have been made to the design. Changed up our drive a bit to be 200% faster and 33.3% stronger. We also have upped our sack capacity from about 12 to 25.

You guys are coming to mississuaga?

Yes we are, he meant 23rd. By the way our drive is only 100% faster. (it is 200% as fast as the old drive)

Mississauga should be good :slight_smile: With the 211 teams, 1241 teams, and 1509 teams, it’s going to be a really tough competition. Not to mention last years world championship programming skills winner 5225A.