4478X/V November Reveal!

Hi All,
It is the time of the season where Masuk Robotics (4478A-Z/8878A-G) hosts our home event! So far, we have competed in two competitions this season. We decided to make a reveal video highlighting our two high school worlds teams from last year
Team 4478X
-2018 Worlds Semifinalist
-2018-2019 Awards: 2x Tournament Finalists, 1x Excellence, 1x Design, 1x Skills Finalist
Team 4478V
-2018 Worlds 9th Alliance Captain
-2018-2019 Awards: 1x Tournament Champions, 1x Tournament Finalists, 1x Excellence

The Reveal is on this link: https://youtu.be/sSmCzRXpyCo

Team 4478X and 4478V

So frosty!
Really clean, and your build quality is nice. I am really pleased with your editing too! Dang!!!

Are you guys using the vision sensor for flag targeting? If so that’s super cool! Also the cap descorer is probably one of the best I’ve seen, especially for how simple it is. Love the robots, video was awesome too. Good luck this season! :slight_smile:

I’m just glad I’m not in Connecticut.

Sort of! We can use it to line ourselves up if we wish to, and we use that sometimes. We tried to work in distance sensing and a bunch of trig to automatically set our rpm, but we have put that on hold because the vex::vision::object.angle command wasn’t working for us.

Either way that’s awesome! We’re hoping to use the vision sensor a bit ourselves but wow that’s so cool you guys have it at least partially working already.

Cool Bot. Do you guys have a skills autonomous? If so, how much does it score?

The two robots are very similar. The only big difference I can see is that X has a descorer.
Am I missing more here? Are the robots built differently? Still, really cool bots!

I notice your flywheel is geared 15:1. I have the opportunity to make my intake that ratio. I’ve been slowing it down with a 1:3 outside of the box. Don’t want to derail the thread. It’ll all have video and stuff whenever I eventually get around to doing a reveal.

What’s the rubber piece that lets the standoff on the cap descorer move? Did you just pull a piece of surgical tubing through and tie it off?

Those dark shots tho, absolutely beautiful. Great robots from both teams!

I believe it’s a rubber link piece, but I’m sure they can give you the official answer.

I give it a 9. Out of 29 :wink:

Wow! The intakes are clean, the parking looks great, and I love the descorer! Keep it going guys, those robots look incredible!

Yes we use a rubber link to connect the two standoffs. We are planning on switching our flywheel to a 5:1 with a 600rpm motor, however we didn’t want to messs with our flywheel right before the competition.

Currently it just runs our autonomous, but that is something we are planning on working on today!

In another thread from a little while ago I posted how to do this if you just get the pixel location of the flag. It’s at the bottom here: https://vexforum.com/t/vision-sensor/48129/1

Thank you! We will have our programmer look at this to see if it helps!