448X, 21S, 6671X, and 1437Z RI3D Reveal

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Honestly, I initially dismissed the tray-on-DR4B idea as impractical due to the heaviness of the cubes. But looking back on it, it seems like a pretty good idea. Nothing is faster than a tray at intaking, so some sort of tray-based design is ideal. One thing this design gives up really is (potentially) the intake speed (less motors at same torque means less speed), although something like this will still be much better than a vertical reverse stacker.

One key thing to note is no matter how slow the lift is, the robot will be no worse than an equivalent basic traybot. The lift is only used when adding to existing stacks, which will likely make up a pretty small proportion of match time.

A key concern that I and others have brought up is cube capacity. One thing to note here is that a robot need not be able to lift all the cubes that can fit in it’s tray. For example, I could make a robot with a 12 cube capacity tray that can only lift 6 cubes. This obviously isn’t ideal, but it would still be just as good as a basic tray at making new stacks, and just as good (or potentially better due to the increased intake speed) as a basic DR4B reverse stacker at adding to existing stacks.


This is the design I was referring to in a conversation you and I had earlier in another thread, I am glad to see you have changed your mind on its potential. There are obviously things we have to figure out as a community to see what works best, but this is a step in the right direction.

Yeah, I started building my rollers yesterday, and I have to agree. One motor rollers likely won’t be viable

I think it’s a bit too soon to come to conclusions on the viability of 1 motor intakes. We’ve seen that they’re possible, and they’ll just keep getting better with tuning. Having an extra motor to use for another mechanism will be a huge benefit that might outweigh the decreased power and increased complexity of a 1 motor intake.

You need to have a cube partly sticking out of your intake for this to be true, but you also lose time from having to tilt the tray, while a passive intake can just open and back up.

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I can reassuringly say that a 1 motor intake is definitely possible as we have implemented it onto our robot. It is difficult to fit but it is definitely possible. Hover, it had to be a torque motor since it was only one motor.


My team has been doing something very similar to yours. We saw your video and said “That’s what we’re doing.”


I still don’t understand how the intake is able to flip out and lock using the standoff. Can someone explain it to me please?

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I do not know if this question has already been asked but how does your deploy fro your ramp work? I understand that the rubber bands will cause the ramp to fly out but how does it lock once it is flipped out?

It doesn’t lock. It’s just stopped by the C-channels hitting each other.

So me and my team are struggling to make the arms to be able to lift up and down; our arms won’t move and the Axel’s we’ve use aren’t as thick as your axels on your team bot and we thought it could be our axels or not but we was wondering if you guys know what’s wrong with it?

P I C T U R E S are a must for us to help you. The regular axle will bend under all the weight which is why most if not all teams use HS axles.


You should probably make another thread for this


If some of you guys stick to this design and this robot doesn’t make worlds, I’m gonna question life. This is the MOTHER OF TRAYBOTS. It’s a really great design y’all and now everyone is doing it lol. Good luck to all you guys this season!

This is an amazing robot! Do you have the list of materials used here? I’m planning on making a digital sketch of this using downloaded parts from the vex website.