448X Flywheel Shoots Same Speed as Double Catapult

There’s some cool stuff happening in this video, and I just wanted to explain it a bit because it shows a nice side by side comparison between double catapults and flywheels.

In the video linked below, both robots are aimed at flags that are set to neutral. I was holding both controllers and pressed the shoot buttons at the same time. The end result was the flags remaining neutral, and me freaking out.

Some people have noticed that 448X shot first, but this isn’t really true. You can see the catapult start moving at the same time as 448X’s intake starts moving. Because the catapult is geared to be slow, it took more time for for it to launch.

Even though 448X had the ball leave its robot first, the double catapult still hit the top flag at the same time, and the middle flag first.

And the end result? The flags stayed neutral.

I like this video a lot, even though I memed it in editing. It’s a good representation of how close robots were in skill level by the end of the year.







21S has a ball shooting race with 448X but has a 169 robot as the wallpaper. :thinking: