4495A Pre-US Open Reveal

With the US Open starting tomorrow, team 4495A has decided to do a reveal of our current robot.

-4 Motor (Torque) elevated Omni-wheel drive, externally chained 1:1.5 for speed.

-4 Motor (Torque) 6-bar lift, geared 7:1

-Top-roller style intake for extremely efficient intake/outtake of Buckyballs, picks up large balls easily pushed up against another object (We find there is never an object too far away, especially descoring balls from the goal zone).

-Reverse Catapult powered by 2 dual-acting pistons and rubber bands with enough power to shoot over the tallest robots and across the entire field. 2 Pneumatic tanks allow for 15+ launches per match (we have never run out of air).


  • Low hangs from top of launcher with a large ball, unique locking mechanism allows us to rest on top of the field perimeter wall

-15 point front autonomous
-18 point back autonomous
-Autonomous capable of feeding Buckyballs to front partner or receiving and stashing Buckyballs from back partner (30+) total points
-High programming skills score

See you all in Omaha!

Looks nicely built and tuned. A few questions:

Why did you decide to do a four motor 7:1 lift for a low hang, rather than a high hang?

Are the locks passive or pneumatic?

Do you need to drive under the hanging bar before you raise the arm to hook on?

Aaron, I think the locking mechanism involves the linear slides literally resting on the field perimeter.

To be more specific, how are they actuated (if at all)? Or does the weight distribution cause the robot to swing back once the slides go above the edge of the wall?

One way I see a lock with linear slides working is with a ton of rubber bands and a piston. The piston is extended when in on position and then will contract when it comes time to hang, then the linear slides shoot out because the rubber bands are tensioned that much.

Such a unique locking mechanism, good luck at US Open! :smiley:

From what I can see, the locks activate passively. The extra bar on top of the six bar linkage restrains the locking mechanism at the beginning of the match. When they first lift up, the extra bar unlatches from the lock and the locks pop out. When they want to hang, the locks slide against the side of the wall until they get above the perimeter of the field and the robot swings back over the edge of the wall. We had a similar, but unintentional, way of low-hanging where our back wheels rested on the field perimeter until we finished the high-hanging mechanism.

We originally set out to high hang with a big ball, which is why we chose the four motor 7:1 but we quickly realized the top roller design would make a high hang with a ball very difficult, so we settled for a low hang with a ball.

We do ned to drive under the bar to raise the arm and the locks are passive. Ikenite pretty much has the right idea. The linear slides are held out by rubber bands, but at the beginning of the match, they start in held by a rubber band to the lift. When the lift raises, the slides release. When we go to hang, they push up against the wall and slide in and once we are above the wall they slide out and latch on the wall.

Nice to see you guys again 4495A! This robot’ s programming skills and design notebook really amazed me at the state championship. I believe this is really a world level robot if improved and tuned better. I saw that you guys had trouble unloading the last buckey ball and launching the large ball across the field, so I hope that you guys will overcome these minor issues and do well in US open. Good luck!

Nice Robot! Why are there linear sliders on the base?

When he hangs the sliders catch on the wall to keep him from falling(is that legal?)

Absolutely. It’s almost a guaranteed low-hang.

I don’t know if it is legal be cause it is holding the robot up.

somebody find out cause if so my robot could hang.

I think it is legal because it does not say any thing about being assisted by the wall.
We should ask Karthik

Yes, this is a legal way to hang.

There, saved you the trouble of asking Karthik. Which you have to do in the “Toss Up Official Q&A,” not “Official Answers.”

Oh, thanks