4495A Worlds Reveal

After nationals, we decided we were unhappy with our robot, so we decided to build a brand new one before worlds (maybe not the best idea with only 2.5 weeks, but we got it done and are extremely happy with it!). Here are the specs:

“Ridiculously fast” 6 motor (torque) elevated drive geared at 1:2 (thanks 5003 for the inspiration and advice at nationals!)

2 motor (torque) 6-bar lift geared at 7:1.

2 motor (speed) Top-roller, capable of picking up buckyballs and big balls with ease

4 D/A Piston reverse catapult, used as single acting to save air. 3 tanks allow for virtually unlimited shots per match.

Multiple, high scoring autonomous for each square, including a partner autonomous for each zone.

We will be competing in the science division and we look forward to playing with and against you guys!**

Great job wolverines. Really cool robot and I hope it improved a lot. I really do wanna see more Georgia teams in the finals this year. Go and get it.

Those side plates make it look fast :smiley:

Good luck at worlds.

I only say one motor?

I agree, the side plates make your robot look faster. :smiley:

Good eye. When we took the photo, we had other plans for the last motor. We’ve got two on the intake now. I’m happy people think the flames are as cool as we think they are.