450 RPM Drivetrain

When building a 450 RPM drivetrain, what size spacers/OD size spacers do you use on the 36 tooth driveshaft to make sure it doesnt hit the other wheels? Along with that, where would you buy them?

Ben answers this question in a comment on 515’s robot explanation video.

6mm OD

4.3mm ID

Any length (32-35mm fits on 5-6 hole wide wheel areas for the chassis)

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Welcome to the forums! Assuming you mean 450 RPM on 3.25 inch wheels, you can get thin spacers from pretty much any major hardware dealer.

McMaster Carr or robosource would probably carry smaller OD spacers. When I needed thinner spacers, I just bought them off of Amazon tho.

I am not sure exactly what spacer you will need for that drivetrain, but the thinnest it gets is 1/4" OD and those will probably work. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

PS, if you mean 450 RPM on 2.75 inch wheels, then your regular vex spacers will work for that.