4603B Version 1 Reveal

Hello Vex Forum Community!!!

Here is the older version of the “Dominance” (My team’s bot is the one in the red interaction) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HbAufLzRLA

Please comment below! :slight_smile:

Nice robot! How’s your drivetrain configured?

4 393’s on the drive for torque

Do you have any close up pictures of the drive train, the lift, and the other main parts of the robot?

Looks like you could intake/outtake the game objects pretty well from the video.

Are you a Middle School or High School team?

I no pics yet :wink: (i will post them on the full reveal)

Yes, this intake can hold the objects VERY well, and outtake them very well. But I have modded my intake a little so that it is even better! (Will show in full reveal)

I am a middle school one man team. (7th grade)


Are you home schooled?

I like your bot. It looks like it works really well.

Good luck at Worlds!

Yes I am homeschooled (it rocks :D)

Awesome! Another Homeschooled team to add to my list!

Go win Worlds for me :stuck_out_tongue: