4828B Reveal

This is my team’s Robot #4828B. We are from Brewtech High School out of Alabama, and we look forward to qualifying for Worlds this year. We have been contemplating ideas for a claw. Also, we are looking for ideas on how to put rubber bands on our arm. If you guys happen to have any tips, feel free to give us feed back. Thank you, and good luck this year!

Two tips:
1.Use a claw type that uses spinning rubber bands to securely grab the cone. Look on youtube for more details.
2.Make sure you have a design that can beat that one for later in the season, so if your design gets copied you can still beat it.

Also, try to get another mg in the other 20 point zone. It’s a better strategy.

thanks for the tip. For later in the season, my team plans on doing a double reverse fore bar design.

  1. generally those are worse than standard claws, because of the lack of actual control that claws provide, plus they lack the general advantage of side rollers of just being able to run them and intake as you grab it, otherwise they dont really have any advantage

If so, then could you give any tips for a better claw. We are willing to consider anything.

passive, passive passive passive, there’s a lot of ideas out there and you should explore them, using zipties, pneumatic tubing, rubber links almost anything works


not allowed. :\ only one mg in the 20 pt zone, 3 in the 10 pt zone, and 4 in the 5 pt zone.

I think he was probably talking about skills. In skills you can score a MG in each of the two 20 point zones.

Yeah, I was.