4874U Robot Promo

Our first robot done today by our one man team of 4874U Señor RoboDude. His main goal was to build a robot that can be an asset to any alliance. Its a dumper robot either into the low goal or he’s fast enough to pickup and dump into full court shooters intake. Also light enough to be lifted.

7 motor(turbo) H Drive
2 motor intake passive raised.

Video soon to come…

Will be competing at:
Casa Grande
Both Palo Verde Regionals
Walden Grove
and Amphi MS
Hopefully AZ Vex State

This is the first (EDR) showcase I have seen where the robot is not designed to shoot balls, but rather as assistance to another shooter based robot. Awesome! I also <3 the 7 motor H drive, for when 4 (or 6) motors is not enough :cool: . I would love to see some footage of this in a game though. Glad to see not all robots are just pinball machines, spinning wheels and catapults.

How heavy is it?

yeah I told when he told me his design “every batman needs an alfred or a robin.”
were gonna put up one of our 3 fields today so hopefully by next monday have some video of him picking up balls drifting around. Last time we checked it was around 8 but will weigh it again today and were also thinking of making it all aluminum. Yeah were unique this year.

Great job on the robot! It’s very unique and has an interesting approach to this year’s game. The only problem is that the black and white wheels on the front of the conveyor are not VEX legal. If you plan to use that bot at competition, you probably won’t pass inspection because of those wheels. Try using other VEX legal wheels to replace those. Otherwise, good job!

I believe those are the VEXplorer wheels, which are actually legal.

Those black and white wheels are actually black and silver VEXplorer Wheels and per Karthik here https://vexforum.com/t/answered-vexplorer-wheels-in-nbn/30314/1 are competition legal.

VEXplorer has one or two unique parts that are often useful including its maroon/red 48 tooth gears which fill a nice niche in a 28:1 shooter gear train like 8959A’s. With the 48 tooth you do not need to offset from the tower the 2 motor combination from the 84 tooth primary drive gear.

The Vexplorer wheels are probably the best wheel this year next to omni wheels we have it available to swap out with tiny omni wheels which also work amazing on this pick up.

Whoops. Sorry about that.:o

Just weighed it in at 11.5lbs our sister team a lifting bot lifts us in about 2 sec

I love it. Especially if you have an autonomous meant to hoard field balls in the safe zone.

This year’s tie breaker is going to be collecting the field balls and full court shots. Many teams are tackling the full court shots first, but not many are tackling the needed speed. Can the robot pick up balls without slowing down? Also, why only 9 motors?

Could you possibly post a video or explain how your sister team can elevate so quickly? Thanks!

:rolleyes: we plan on dumping our preloads into either partner or low goal in auto then collecting up the rest of the field. yeah we can pickup on the fly due to our intake having a passive riser in the front which you might be able to see in the pic. Well the other 3 will be used elsewhere after our first competition to see what we need to improve.

our sister team lifting two FRC game pieces each weighing around 7.8lbs
our drivetrain in action

Wow, really incredible! I had no idea that it was possible to build such a smooth, fast drive base. (Now it does use 7 motors, so its only really practical for VEX U, but its still very innovative!) Have you tested your ability to drive up a ramp? How steep can the ramp be before you can’t drive up? Thanks.

yeah we can get up ontop of our sister team and its very useful for us to have a 7 motor drive cause we dont need the extra motors for a shooter.

Woa, firstly pretty cool design on your sister teams robot, never though of lifting it from below :p. Although it looks like stability is real issue when lifting, maybe you should consider a guide rail of sorts and a heavier base. Also, Mah Gawd, your robot can really move :slight_smile:

Totally agree, I think for alot of teams though, its scary moving moving away from your standardised designs (flywheels… ) into the realm of the unknown. I guess it better to have something tried and tested rather then a cool design thats never been tried before.

Wow, thats pretty light, I think any high lift robot worth its two cents should have no problem lifting you :slight_smile:

Yes the design has been tweaked but due to them wanting to stay secret they wont be putting anying out just yet i can say that their base is fully driveable.

thats why he chose to be 4874U cause his deisgn is unknown and unique

we will have our lifting sister team at all 5 of our events we will be attending so if stars align we should always have a lifting bot

Awesome, just wondering though, does your sister robot intend to be able to shoot? Because 50 points is alot, but against any half decent flywheel, even with your high lift, and low goal scoring capabilities your probably going to be beaten.

3874Unique. <3 the name :slight_smile:

John i don’t believe it. How about a reveal to prove you’re being honest :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh, sorry what don’t you believe? I was simple making the point that most of the robots already seen on the forum ( and i’m sure at events all around the world ) are capable of getting 10+ balls into a high goal reasonably effectively and consistently. Meaning that although a robot capable of high lifts is nice and i’m sure can pull off many wins, it probably wont win against a pair of decent flywheels. Unless one of the robots can also shoot high goals, in which case I applaud you. :slight_smile: