4874U Robot Promo

Agreed, but from the reveal, the robot only appeared to be using 12 motors. That leaves 4 motors for a flywheel and chain. Or maybe that robot will only shoot from the starting tile, so it won’t need a chain or an intake. In any case, you’re right that a purely elevating robot would be bad, but the 24 inch robot still had plenty of motors to shoot with.

Separately, have you guys considered using any sort of 3D printed catapult or something? Printer plastic is lighter than a C channel so its good material for a catapult.

just to clarify a few things we are a high school not a vexU team we also adding a shooter at the back that lobs them up into the high goal and the lifting bot does dumb balls as well

I saw this on instagram :slight_smile: great job guys.:smiley:

Awesome! Good luck in competition, really want to see this compete in a match :stuck_out_tongue:

wait were on instagram since when and yeah we cant wait for competition