4886A Re-reveal

A while ago we stopped posting our design process, but now we are ready to reveal it all. This is the 4886A robot which has won three competitions and qualified for worlds. The most that we got in driver skills was 155, a score we intend to improve.

(some of these are older and have a four bar and no flipper)

Holonomic X-drive (four 393 motors high torque)
6-bar lift geared 1:15 for torque (two torque 393s and two 269s)
Intake roller geared 1:3 for torque and tank tread table geared 1:1 (one torque 393 on each)
High goal scoring, string powered flipper

The intake works well, especially for descoring into the table.
Our max capacity was about 20 sacks, usually only lifting about 15. The compound gears skip/brake before the motors stall.

Here are some videos of matches:

Funny stress testing:

Nice robot :smiley:

But this all looks… surprisingly familiar… ;p

This is a fantastic robot. As you can see in the videos, it is as good at descoring as it is at scoring. Can’t wait to see what’s new for next weekend in Pembroke!

Pembroke should be a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see how 40b and 40a work together!

So this is the robot that has won 3 competitions. Nice to see more people revealing their robot.
Why do you have 2 269s on the lift did you have issues with all 393s or did you run out of 393s.

The 393’s didn’t fit. We are changing it though

To their old one? Or another one… :rolleyes:

Not you though, I notice.

My robot has in its entire life intaked 3 sacks and they didn’t have anywhere to go. Point is my robot isn’t done but when I finish I will try to convince my team to do a reveal because we only reveal if unanimous vote.

This reply contains an entire reveal of Tabors current robot, you will notice there isn’t much in it :P. Nice robot Robert and Owen, good to see teams prioritising descoring.

@4886- I like the robot. One thing though, why so slow?

hahaha +1

Ah ok. I seemed to remember you making a post about getting 170 in skills with no practice…:confused: I guess not.
On a completely unrelated note, don’t you have a tournament this Friday? :stuck_out_tongue:

When did I say that.
Also yes yes I do have competition this friday that is why I have to finish my robot soon.

Oh I don’t know now. Probably the product of 1. being really tired, still on the forums despite #1, and someone else saying that.:stuck_out_tongue:

Or more likely I said it to mess with someone without actually having accomplished it which I do in the skype chat a lot and might have done to mess with someone on the forum. I don’t remember doing that though. :wink:

As you can see in this thread, I believe capacity is more important than speed, so that is what we had in mind when we designed this robot. However, we think it is possible to speed up our robot while maintaining its capacity, so that is what we are working on now.

Warrior if you want to have a faster q and a with robert and owen go on chatango http://vexforum.chatango.com/ right now because of it’s auto updating.

Why not both? You can have an intake with 393s set to speed ratio and still pick up 10…
And is the 1:15 necessary? Is your intake incredibly heavy or something?

Also we can pick up more than 10. I believe that is too few to be effective later in the season.

You can lift 20 on a 7:1 torque with 4 motors, or on a 9:1 with 2 motors.

Sounds very sketchy. I’ve seen at least 12 on a 4 motor 1:5, so 20 on a 4 motor 1:7 is possible but maybe a little ambitious. Lifting 20 on a 9:1 ratio with only 2 motors? Not a chance. All my experiences are using an ~18 inch arm, mind you, so with a shorter arm it would be possible.

OT: Nice robot Rob and Owen :D. Can’t wait to see the improvement you’re going to make. I really like the method of scoring driver control loads on the high goal.

wow … great robot, i like your capacity :smiley:

also … the use of non slip mat … wish i would have thought of that … well done !