4886a Robot Reveal

Trust me if it was not legal they wouldn’t have included them in the package and gave us instructions on how to do it plus almost every other team dose it i think your fine

Thank you for the reassurance. I thought they were legal but I wanted to make sure.

New footage from our most recent competition is here. The autonomous wasn’t working because the sensors were a bit messed up. This should be fixed in the next few days. The final score was red: 20, blue: 17.

It’s even more painful to watch it the second time. :frowning:
**** negation barrel!:mad:

I wish I could have attended that meet, and yeah, we’ve had some painful loses. Are you going to QCC?

Yeah we are. I don’t know if you guys remember, but we were in the same classroom last year at New Englands.

I personally wouldn’t since I’m new on the team this year, but I’m sure Owen and Jon do. I’m sure you’ll have a chance at QCC though.

*Ehmmm… Godzilla, Owen would like you to check your inbox.

what was the gear ratio on the elavation bot it went so slow

Its just spam…:stuck_out_tongue:

Are you talking about the robot in the blue isolation zone, 56A? They are Cape Robotics and got the excellence award. I don’t know what the gear ratio on the lift was, but they did pretty well despite its slowness. But, if it were faster, they may have done better.:wink:

Our autonomous program doesn’t use any sensors and as such it is extremely robust. It only messed up twice at our last tournament, causing it to cap the center high goal with 1 ball and 1 barrel.

Doesn’t a lack of sensors generally mean the autonomous is less reliable? Sounds like an interesting autonomous though. How long does it take from start to “cap”?

We have 4 rotation sensors on our drive base. We only had 2 on during that meet. The fields were dirty, so they didn’t spin (they need a clean field to spin), which also caused us to miss our 28 in programming skills :frowning: Capping… eh? Our B team has invented a way to do it every time, I want to make them an auton for it also :wink:

It arrives at the center goal about 8 seconds into the Autonomous period. At that point it usually scores the pieces its holding, but when it is misaligned it caps the goal instead of dropping the pieces into the bottom of the goal like it should.

As I said, this only happened twice at our last tournament. Usually it’s a very reliable program, as the wheel base drives as far up onto the goal as it can, and then jerks back into a scoring position. Our drivers in those runs didn’t aim it correctly.

@jgraber, thank you for your suggestion to move the elastic. We finally got around to it yesterday, and the force is pretty much constant all the way up. The new placement also has an added benefit which I think I will wait to reveal. :wink: Anyway, we should have done this sooner. I’m expecting the arm to be much easier to operate.

A standard test for “massless arms” (such as earthquake detectors),
is to disconnect the motors and measure the oscillation period of the free swinging arm. Longer periods mean a better balanced arm.
For example, if you replace the elastic with nylon rope (very stiff spring),
and lift the arm and let it drop, the oscillation period will be very short.

All-new drive base! No more mecanums, but it is faster, stronger, more stable, and less likely to break. we have 4 powered omnis with normal wheels in the middle to avoid being pushed. I am wondering whether there are any advantages to powering these extra wheels? It could be done but would require more work and I see no real advantages to it.

I approve :D! I did the exact same thing earlier in the season and have seen a huge increase in general drive performance since then.

I also powered the other wheels, but I don’t think it made a huge difference. It can be useful because sometimes some of the wheels come off the ground a little, and chaining them together helps with this as even when some of the wheels come off the ground the others are still driving. Otherwise it didnt make any difference.

Pictures of our new drive train for Worlds.

Is the plate a little bent? I never use plate on my base because if someone rams you hard, your drive will be messed up for the rest of the match and it will take a while it bend it to be nearly flat again. Lol and there’s so much metal it’s making me confused.

Nice robot though, how much does it weigh? Good luck at worlds.