4886A Strategy: Goal Capping

Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJwotmFQyt8

Yes we can do it in autonomous.

What is the point?
Well, I have developed several strategies that make good use of this ability, which you will see at worlds.

Good luck, and see you there!

Very nice although, capping a goal prevents both alliance members from scoring in it. You can achieve the same effect (only for the other allaince) by just filling the goal since they can’t descore, they can’t really put any more in either

I’ve seen 177B cap and uncap goals without descoring the objects…

Cool. Our robot can cap and uncap but still score it. If your robot can get to the interaction 30" first and cap it in autonomous you have a serious advantage, but you already know that i assume.

Good luck at worlds!:slight_smile:

We have found no real advantage to capping goals. If you can cap the goal you should be able to win said goal…

If you were to quickly rush to the interaction 30" and cap it in autonomous, then your opponents autonomous, which for all you know may shoot 6 into the tower, would no longer work. It can stop your opponents autonomous which can be a key factor in a match. It’s not fun starting driver mode with the center tower filled to the brim with your enemy’s points.

If it’s the interaction 30" which a lot of teams seem to fight over, then it’s sometimes easier to block it off.

By the way, one of my strategies is named “Step 5: Win” and the other is called “Sneaky Ninja.”

Does your robot prefer Isolation or Interaction?

I think your robot probably can do both zones equally well, :slight_smile: but which one do you prefer?

We prefer interaction, but we have multiple autonomouses for both zones, and the robot performs well regardless. If we don’t cap, it is just a normal max efficiency NZ bot.

Wont this be considered "damaging play field "?

Not really, it never breaks the goal, just bends the PVC pipes slightly.

Seems easy to aim it in autonomous because you just aim for the back pole of the pentagon made by the poles but the time required to aim it perfectly in driver mode makes it really easy to block, especially if it’s at such a contested goal as the interaction 30" goal. Additionally, any sort of ram autonomous or even a contesting scoring autonomous on the interaction 30" goal seems to nullify this strategy in autonomous?

We have ways of dealing with those things. In reality, it can cap the goal from any side, and doesn’t require any time at all to aim. :D:D:D

Teeeeheeee ;). HELLO FROM FRANCE!