4915 Virus Robotics Reveal

Team 4915 - Virus Robotics (Technology Division)

Reveal Video
Robot Specs:
6 motor 1:2.4 Drive
4 Motor 1:15 Dual Flywheels
2 Motor 2 stage intake

Hope you enjoy the video and we are looking forward to meeting and competing with you guys!

Feel free to ask any questions about our robot and I will reply as promptly as I can (we fly out tomorrow, so I may be away from the internet for a while).

Nice double flywheel!

Yes! Another double flywheel in technology division! Amazing fire rate! Can you guys shoot full court as well?

Looks nice! I’m assuming you can’t make full field though, if you can maybe not that fast. Anyway, fielding is a huge part of this game so I am sure you will do very well at worlds. Good luck and hope to see you there!

I like the idea of having the intake backed by rubber bands. I wish I had thought of that. It seems to be really efficient.

We can shoot full court. Just. After the scrimmage we held (the match clips in the second half of the video) we adjusted the compression of our flywheel a bit in order to squeeze a bit more distance out of it.

Unfortunately, the room we filmed the rest of the reveal in had a very low ceiling, meaning that the balls could not be fired full field. At worlds we will be able to shoot full field, but quite slowly (1 bps maximum) and the accuracy is pretty poor.

Another little something we found out at the scrimmage is that given 2 decent field bots on one alliance it is quite possible to clear the field then make the 6 trips (3 each) with 4 preloads to mid-court in the last 30 seconds, in order for us to shoot with a much better accuracy.

The rubber band backing on our intake is one of the best bits of my team’s robot in my opinion. It means that the tray works equally well for different ball densities, and has an added bonus of barely weighing anything. Other UK teams such as 6053B and 7975A also use this design, so look out for their robots at worlds as well!

I am praying for ian

Love the reveal. Seems like you finally tuned that PID :slight_smile:
Good for the UK and those light elastic intakes!!!

Anyway see you in a few hours at the airport :slight_smile:

Have a good trip!

Looks great, love that reveal :smiley:

Look forward to seeing it in action at world’s, well on the Livestream :stuck_out_tongue: !!

Do the UK proud !!!

Good Luck Team Virus !!

Thanks guys, updating to say we have arrived in Louisville with the robot intact and ready to go! :slight_smile: