4inch omni rollers deforming and wedging drive

Our team is using 4inch Omnis on our drive this year. after some light testing I noticed that the robot could go back and forth very well but when turning it would stall out. after some looking I found that the rubber omni rollers were deforming when the robot was turning and wedging against the ground stalling or significantly slowing down the robot. Any solutions? I was wondering if I boiled the wheels if it would cause the rubber rollers to harden and shrink bac to their original shape? any other ideas?

My team had this same problem last year. We fixed it by popping out the rollers, grinding down the plastic roller centers, and inserting washers in the space to the sides of the rollers. It takes some effort to do, but we did not have any more turning issues after we did that.


Jeez man just buy some new wheels.


unfortunatley money doesnt grow on trees