4th of July Robot

I had this idea last year but didn’t get a chance to build it for the 4th of July. So i’m trying it this year. i was thinking of building a robot that waves the flag of your choice and plays some patriotic like songs. i have a prototype made that waves the flag, but i’m still getting to the music playing part. now all i have to do is get the music player and the CD. and learn how to use a camera.:confused:

I assume that you can replace the flag with the “County of your Choice” (a nod to our Canadian friends and others in South America, Asia and other places)

IIRC, Radio Shack use to have some IC Music Generators. That would be a cool way to go.

darn straight

anyways IC Music generators are good but if you have the budget:

Of Course!! I like Canadians!!


in terms of speech synthesizers i have the SP03, it’s amazing

and still…GO CANADA!!

Now this would be more of an exercise to see if it could be done but here’s my idea.

Build a robot that could track where a firework explodes then turn and aim a camera at that spot and take a picture. To do this you would need to figure out how to track and explosion of light. I don’t know if this would work but maybe 5 light sensors arranged in a “plus”(+) pattern. With the ones on the tips being angled back slightly. Then you could use software to measure which sensor had the greatest amount of light turn and adjust a turret and then use a lever to hit the shutter button on a camera. Might work, also might not work because the light may be too diffused for the sensors to accurately determine where the firework was, and there could also be confusion if multiple fireworks were going off at the same time.

saw them at the trinity firefighting robot competition.
their light sensor is really powerful; and although its nxt specific they said it will work modded with vex

i shined a light about 20 ft away

the sensor looked STRAIGHT at it. (it was on servos)


perfect for this application.

sorry, i just assumed everyone here was american, i don’t know why. i changed the american flag to the flag of your choice

and also too bad i have to finish it up today cuz for some reason my town is doing the celebration tomorrow, instead of the 4th of july. oh well, the flag part works, and i have all day today

i’m also going to put a light that shines up at the flag so people can see it at night

You have to remember that the Internet is a really big place. :wink:

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Not to be too America-centric, but the 4th of July is American Independence day. So we probably shouldn’t give octanetripledax too much grief for having his robot wave an American flag.

Anybody is free to celebrate the date or the meaning, of course…

[EDIT]Re-reading my post, it sounds more serious than I intended. I know this is all in good fun.[/EDIT]


  • Dean

lol and yet we up here in canada have a long weekend right now so :rolleyes: yea

Try making a fireworks-launching robot. I had a robot that could launch rockets, but i took it apart.

needless to say, he launched a rocket in a bunker, it turned upside down went into the bunker popped up and headed for a cars exauhst (ugh can’t spell) pipe lol

I wouldn’t try it.

yeah, i remember that, that was a mistake, but i have perfected a rocket-launching robot.

Wasn’t there a thread on it some time ago?

If you are talking about my rocket-bot, then no I did not have a thread, but someone else did have one.

someone else posted it

yep i remember that thread ^

anyways it’s canada day today and im off to see the fireworks, i wish i had a robot built for it but oh well