5.75 GHz VEX Net Key. To help with signal interference

At worlds there was a big problem with wifi interference. On one of the fields We found a spot that if we went into it our robot lost signal. Can VEX make a “A” or “N” (5.75GHz) wireless standard VEX Net Key to reduce signal interference? This would be a huge help at worlds where it is impossible to eliminate the 2.4 GHz frequency that interferes with robot signal.

Raptor Robotics 4191

sounds like a great idea and could be done by simply switching the vex net keys to the 5.75 ghz the keys could be less than $30 a pair and could be in the welcome kit at worlds like the field tester was last year

Thanks for the suggestion. We’re looking into different key options. This is an “easier said than done” idea.

The 3.X+ firmware should improve the VEXnet performance even in a “noisy” environment.

Please note, a new wifi key is a SIGNIFICANT development which would involve 6-18 months of work depending on the key. :slight_smile:


OK, so probably not at worlds. If the new firmware solves it then we do not need to switch. We will see at worlds then.:smiley:

Raptor Robotics 4191