5 Divisions?

I’m just curious how will a 5 division final work? and how coe we moved to 5 divisions? does this mean we will get more matches in per team since we will need less time to run through a full set for everyone?

  1. 5-alliance round robin
  2. Five divisions mean fewer teams per division, more qualifying matches per team

Could you please explain how the 5 alliance round robin would work? thank you

All 5 division winners were given 4 matches and got to face all the other division winners.

The matches were played similar to qual matches, were the win points and seeding points determined the top two teams for the finals.

The finals were standard elimination match (best 2 out of 3 ).

My only thought would be on the legality of such a move…

I think it was an interesting twist, and it definitely merits much discussion, my only question is what kind of can of worms this is opening…

The VEX manual is pretty clear about how the winner for a competition is determined with the elimination bracket, and there isn’t anything about a finalist round-robin. In order to protect the final rounds at all other competitions, could VEX perhaps update the manual, and provide an allowance for Worlds? (I understand that the World Championship is a very unique event, and merits different considerations, I just want to make sure that students everywhere are provided with the same competition experience before they get to Worlds.)

I promise I’m not trying to be “that guy” who pokes holes in everything I can… I just think that this could set a very bad precedent for upcoming competitions where a tournament director might decide to be more creative in determining how the final rounds are played.