5 Point Zone Scoring

Hey guys, I’m sorry for repeating this if it already was a discussion on here but I was wondering what defines a mobile goal scored in the 5 point zone? Does it have to be fully in the zone? Or if only a part of it is in the zone, does it count? (like if half of the mobile goal is past the white tape, would that count as scored in the 5 point zone or not)
Thank you

it has to be touching tiles past the white line this goes for any zone, touching the tiles beyond the line is scored, or being supported by tiles beyond the line

Wait but if it is touching tiles past the white line but still touching the tiles in front of the white line, does it count for the 5 pt zone?

in the rule book, it clearly states it goes to the highest zone, please read the manual before posting

If you feel it is a waste of your time to answer my question because it is already stated in the manual then feel free and ignore it and let someone else answer it who is nice and doesn’t mind explaining to me.
BTW I already have read the manual and I was still confused, maybe I’m just dumb but you could be nice about answering my question.

its also in the referee training videos, everywhere on the forums, and in multiple you tube videos, i didn’t mean to come across as rude, only that you should check sources before adding to the forums clutter