5 stack Autonomous

What sensors do most people use when they are trying to build a 5 stack autonomous? My team doesn’t want to use the range finder and we don’t have access to the Vision sensor.

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I use the encoders in the v5 motors and it’s pretty consistent since a 5 stack auton only has 1 turn. Even running it on time isn’t that bad.


My team uses 1 drive encoder and 1 tilter encoder. With V5 it’s all you really need


all I’ve been using are the built in encoders, we had a 5 stack auton that worked every match at a comp. no fancy code either.

do the built in encoders come with the v5 brain or is it separate/

The V5 motors have integrated encoders.

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Our 5 stack autonomous basically boils down to:

  1. Flipout
  2. DriveFwd & intakeFwd
  3. DriveBwd & align with the field perimeter
  4. Turn to scoring zone
  5. DriveFwd into zone
  6. Tilt & slowly intakeRev
  7. DriveBwd while slightly tilting still

As you can see we only need motor encoder values for this autonomous, although we could use gyro for the turn.