5-stage scissor lift

Has anyone built or seen a stable, working 5-stage scissor lift (with full c-channels)? I was wondering because stability and power issues really start to pile up at the 5th stage, but it is impossible to score with a needle intake on the 7th skyrise with a 4 stage scissor lift.

I have built one, you can kick it and it won’t go sideways on our vertical rack and pinion, except it’s slow. We only used c channels on our also. Our scissor lift compresses to about 6 inches and expands to over 6 foot in about 8 seconds.

Not to be rude but isn’t that really slow? It would take a long time to raise the lift time which you could use to raise a 4 stage lift twice.

When i was at the British columbia provincials championships, one fellow team that i know well had a five stage lift (team 4549C), the thing i remember the most however was that made a squeeling noise while going down and that someone cut there power expander.

One of the teams I mentor had a 5 stage scissor lift. It’s geared 21:1 (planetary) and was capable of scoring 1-2 cubes. it used a series of hooks which operated similar to needles, but it could reach the 7th skyrise if they stacked cubes.

They did run into mechanical problems though. On the forum, they posted a picture of channel they cracked. They stripped the internal gears of the motors if their scissor lift got caught, were too intense with controls, or if the limit switch got unplugged. They also bent the new high strength gear when elastic was trippy and the lift started arcing. Of these issues, the main one they couldn’t solve was the internal gears.

Their second pick at states had a scissor lift capable of lifting 3 cubes using a conveyor and had the capabilities of doing skyrises with a 16.33:1 (planetary) ratio as well as score on the 7th skyrise.

Yes, at New Zealand Nationals last weekend there were multiple very good 5 stage scissor lift robots of 7682 & 8757B (1st and 3rd respectively in the Tech Division). These can be seen on the stream, but since they are not my robots I’m reluctant to say many details, as that’s for the respective teams to do.
However I will say this: lots of elastics were used…

It says on my post how slow it is… But yes it is slow basically but it’s not bad. We max out at 46 points with autonomous win every game if we go good. It’s a really good robot, doesn’t tip, has automatic and manual stabilization buttons.

It’s slow because it’s a vertical rack and pinion so it takes a lot of torque to make it go full height because after a certain point, it’s technically pulling it up and not sliding. BTW we don’t use one rubber band on the bot, full power all the way.


How the…




Not sure how that’s possible for a 5 stage scissor lift and still be able to lift cubes. I would love to see a video of that power at work! (why not add rubberbands? wouldn’t it be beneficial?)

Haha no rubber bands, can’t move the lift up or down without power to the motors, you can sit on the lift and it won’t go down unless you put motors to half power. Can push over 30 pounds of cubes piled on each other like a tank with ease.

our reveal video will showcase our (no rubber band) scissor lift doing two cubes, we might overload it with cubes to see how much we can truly get.

Waiting on my GoPro to come in so we can shoot everything in HD for the video so it should be out by next month.

Can’t wait to see it!

You should enter this robot in the “no rubber band” division at Worlds :slight_smile:


They should make this division, and give them solid lead cubes and steel skyrise pieces to make it even funner, and more like a tank battle.

It sounds like its geared wrong.

So why not use the free power?

It’s not geared wrong, we did that on purpose.

We don’t use the free power because it’s not necessary and we are working on the new robot so it’s pointless.

No rubber band division would be pretty funny to see if it was real.

But the 5 stage scissor “Pedro” is retired now :frowning:

Sounds dangerous :eek:

I wanna see some pictures?