5 Team Tournament.

My team is signed up for a tournament that’s happening really soon, but there are only 5 teams total and no more can sign up. Has anyone here been to a tournament that small? What’s it like?

I have. There are fast match turnaround times. So its important to have the robot ready before the competition.

What was the alliance round like?

It was a vexu scrimmage so there was no alliance selection. I am not sure how it would workout in vrc. That would be something that I would contact the EP about.

Game manual suggests a 2-alliance setup of 3 and 2 teams, respectively. Both alliances go straight to the Finals.

If you tournament has less than 16 teams, it is considered a scrimmage and not an official tournament when it comes to state/regional Qualification.

Smallest event i’ve been to was a scrimmage and we had like 11 people so the elimination rounds were just 1, 3 team alliance and 4, 2 team alliances.

I would actually download tournament manager and try it out.

we’ve run TM at a 6 team scrimmage last year, prepping for World’s