5" traction wheels

We have used the 5" wheels to create Tumbler bots for our summer programs. However, we do not have enough wheels for this summer. Since VEX has discontinued them, does anyone know a source or have 4-5 sets that they would like to sell?

Maybe I am missing something, but what is so special about 5" wheels?

Why cannot you use regular 4" wheels on your Tumbler robots?


You can only move like a car with 4 wheels. The 5th wheel goes in the middle so they can both go like a car AND go side to side.

He doesn’t mean 5 wheels, he means 5 inch wheels.

Oh XD …

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Have you seen the 4 inch traction wheels? They’re still being sold. Also the normal 5 inch wheels and omnis also have good grip.

The 5 inch traction wheels are large enough that you can built a very slim robot that will drive into a wall, climb the wall, flip over and still drive (therefore the name Tumbler). We have used them in demonstrations, and kids love to drive them.

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The 5’ traction wheels may be discontinued to buy individually, but they can still be bought in the Vex Wheel Kit (product number 276-2164). It’s $29.99 and it’s contents include 2 of the 5’ tracking wheels, 2 of the 4’ tracking wheels, 2 of the 2.75’ wheels, and 2 intake rollers. Depending on how many of the 5’ tracking wheels you need and if you would use the other parts in the kit, it may be worth the purchase.