5003 Robot Reveal

Team 5003, Roboninja, has decided to reveal our robot before worlds! We have easily put in over 750 hours throughout the design and build process, so we hope that you enjoy!


  • 2.75" Omni-wheels
  • 6 393’s internally gear for speed at 1:1
  • x4 quadrature encoders for programming accuracy


  • chain-bar lift
  • x2 393’s internally geared for speed on at 15:1
  • x1 potentiometer to detect the angle of the lift


  • x2 393’s geared internally for torque at 1.6:1
  • Overhead roller/chainsaw intake
  • Lightweight Lexan tray w/ 12 object cap.
  • Double acting pneumatic cylinders raise/lower the intake to quickly pick up and dump objects
  • optional GoPro mount

Our unofficial maximum robot skills score, as of right now, is 235. Our highest match score(w/ 323z) is 315. The robot can score in the troughs very quickly, it can descore/rescore fairly well, and it can descore the high goal as well(It can also score the high goal but it was not intentionally designed to do so).

If you have any questions feel free to ask them below, but the video may also clear some things up! Also, be sure to stop by our pit at worlds and say hi!

Video Link:

Very impressive!

I like this robot. A lot.

Nice Video! (and robot)


reminds me of 1103’s intake in cleansweep :wink:

I love the X drive. It works so well. But can you get all 8 of the wall sacks consistently? I think you miss like 3 or 4 each time.

Thank you for all of the positive feedback so far!

Yes, you are correct, it does tend to miss a few on the sides. The robot usually picks up 6 of the 8 on two side rows depending on how it’s driven. On the row of 8 between the starting tiles it tends to get all 8. It all depends on the angle that it approaches the row at, which was not the greatest in the video due to poor filming/driving planning!

How does it score/descore the high goal? The video doesn’t show that.

Ah, that’s what I forgot… I knew there was something. When the D/A pneumatic cylinders retract and raise the intake, it goes parallel to the ground. So, when we raise our lift up with the intake raised, it is high enough to grab objects off of the high goal! We also can put match loads on top of the intake and put them up on the high goal, but it is not the most accurate, so we tend not to do it.

I’ve enjoyed working with you on several occasions this year :slight_smile: It has been fun!

Looking better every time I see it. Good luck. Your Cedarville partner will be at World’s, too.

Yeah, it has been a lot of fun. We both really enjoyed working with your team at multiple events and we hope to do so again in the future!

Thanks, we can’t wait to see you guys there! We will be sure to drop by and say hello!

Looks great. Has the x drive performed well for you?( it looks like it does but considering one for next year and wanted to get any advice that you had with it)

Good luck!:slight_smile:

Very good design.

Like your X drive design. From picture, there are 4 motors at the front and 2 motors at the rear. Did you have any problem when the robot moved side way?


Yes, it worked extremely well throughout the entire year. We spent a lot of time at the beginning of the season perfecting the drive by making sure each wheel hub was at an exact 45 degree angle and that there was as little friction as possible on each drive shaft.

The fifth and sixth motors were added to the drive in early January, and we were initially just going to test it out to see how it worked(we were not sure if we would end up keeping that setup on the drive). However, after some testing and to my surprise, it had only a little drift while strafing. It was very easy to correct for with some programming, which was a good thing!

I’m glad it is working well for you!

I’ve heard a few times that there have been issues with x-drives about opposing forces, and that these opposing forces create a lot of friction and make the base unfeasible. Did you guys have any problems with your X-Drive, and if so, how did you fix them?

No, we have had no problems with our X-Drive. The only major thing with X-Drives is that(With wheels at 45 degrees) your X-Drive will move sqrt(2), or 1.41, times further on one rotation than with your wheels not angled. This increase in travel makes the drive move faster, so yes, your motors do have to work harder but we did not experience any problems with this.

We designed a 6-wheel and 6-motor holonomic drive chassis before. Here is the video:

It was driven very well, but had some issues such as sack stuck, not enough power because we had scissor lift which was a little bit heavier than others.