502A Robot Reveal kinda

this is some pictures of our robot that we have been working on for a while its not 100% done because the drive is going to be made better and the cable management is not finished. If you have any thoughts on how you think it could be better feel free to say so. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer to my best abilities.

Really nice robot! I’ve seen a lot of teams start to go with a 6 wheel drivetrain… I believe with one you don’t need anti tip pegs. Just something to consider. Also, can it score in the far zone or just the near or both?

Cool, what’s your star capacity?
Also, are you coming to the Vanier comp in mid January?

we can do 3-4 easily but if the stars are lined up correctly then it can do 5.
We are not going to the Vanier comp because we are going to a different one in Bellingham that is on the same day.

We probably will not be changing our robot to 6 wheels because realistically it is just extra weight and friction we don’t need.

my neck

@Electrowan I have a few questions that hopefully you do not mind answering:

  1. Do you have any plans of hanging? If so, will there be any problems doing a hang?

  2. What kind of motors are you using for your arm and drive train?

We do have a design for hanging that we will be implementing if it works. the problem we might have is we might not have enough torque to lift.

For our drive motors they are alll 393 high speed and for lift they are all 393 high torque

Whats the ratio of the arm and can you take pics of your gear box for the arm

I see double acting cylinders on your claw. How many actuations do you usually get?

The arm fron high torque motor to 12 tooth gear connected to a 64 tooth gear then straight to the arm.

The pneumatics last the whole game but at the end it gets a little slugish. Thanks to 2 tanks and pressure regulators.

Can you give a number?

I cannot give a exact number because the robot is not in my possession at the moment but i will estimate 40 or so acuations.

Why did you guys go with pneumatics rather than motors for the claw? With motors, you would be able to hold more stars and weigh less for hanging.

Did you notice the pistons to tilt the claw? With motors this would be a lot more difficult to do.

There is a maximum of 10 motors with pneumatics and we have 2 other pistons that flick the stars across on top of the claw pneumatics

True, I did not notice those pistons at first, but you wouldn’t have to have motors to flick the claw, that could be done passively with rubber bands. The reason why I asked was because we built a bot similar to this and really didn’t see any benefit to the pistons, but given that they rely on the pistons to score I can see why they choose pneumatics over motors.