5062A From Wisconsin FVL Starstruck Worlds Reveal

u guys crazy gud!!!

Good music Good match footage
Looks like you like blocking :wink:

Think one of the strengths of front claw is the ability or the ease to block. And that’s the reason I still think front claw will be very useful for worlds.

Wow, great job. Excellent driving to be able to block like that.
I think that you could be a great alliance partner to anyone at worlds.
I agree that a front and back claw alliance has been the most effective combination.

I used to have a back dumper as u can see on the video, however, all the robots from our state which is Wisconsin are using back dumpers, then I thought about playing defense mainly to beat them, teams like 202, 536C, 9807B, 1200F&C; front dumper is pretty effective when the driver knows when to block.

yep, thanks, that is also my theory for worlds winning, an alliance with a front and back dumper

Keep it up

savage defense


Solid Reveal Video. Great robot. I also like how you displayed your designs over the season.

Best of luck at Worlds!

Great robot. Just one word of caution. It sure looks like your wheels are touching past the white line into the near zone quite a few times. It could just be overhang - but it really looks like you are touching the white line. This could cause a DQ at Worlds. Good luck!


that is a good point, thanks for the cautions.