5090X 219 Point Skills

We scored decently in our most recent tournament, and I wanted to share our runs.

113 Driver
106 Prog
219 Total

We’re working on making these better, of course. I’ll try to answer any questions.


Prog? More like pog. Good job man.


Thanks! I appreciate that.

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The amount of improvement from your guys’ previous runs is insane. Great job! You guys are definitely going in the right direction.


Can you tell me which sensors are used?? :笑脸:

Nice job 5090X!!! Love the ending :laughing:


Honestly i feel like one of the most OP advantages in prog is the front aligner thing in the front. That basically ensures you will be realigned at every goal you go to, which takes away the need for tracking wheels.

You guys really use that strategy well, nice job!

  1. One inertial sensor
  2. Built-in V5 motor encoders
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You guys are really amazing! I still have many unresolved problems in the use of inertial sensors, so currently our team can only get 50 points


Question. I’m curious: how much further can you guys stretch IMEs and the inertial sensor? Do you predict a max run could be on the horizon, or is that past what’s possible in your opinion? Same for drivers. What’s possible?

I see 120 being possible for driver, and 108 possible for prog.

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We’ve recently been working on prog, and so far have 7 towers in 43 seconds. We just use the IMU and one rotational sensor for forward movement, so I feel it’s possible to get maybe 110+ with no complex odom.