5090X Change Up Early Season Reveal

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In my experience with our first prototypes, this isn’t always the case. The two rollers in question are as close to each other as they can be, but the ball sometimes doesn’t skip over the dead zone at 600 rpm. It isn’t common, but not something that’s 100% reliable. Definitely needs more fine tuning than you’d expect, or can do too much of in cad.


what made you choose this design and why did you make different designs like the flywheel and all that?

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Amazing reveal. This was awesome.
I will say though. The ratchet on the back of the robot (I think it’s a ratchet, I should pay closer attention) is quite clever, I wondered how the motor distribution would be used and this is a nice use of 'em.
Considering this is a cad, have you found the tread/flap approach helpful for launching balls? Or have you tested it in practice? I made a prototype of a flywheel and was having trouble due to the irregular shape of the balls. I prolly won’t use a hood bot anyway, but I aim to have two full robots built by summer. We have a ridiculous amount of metal.


This is absolutely insane guys thank you so much I have been puzzling over a snailbot for hours and you already have an insane one.


Dang this is pretty good! Nice job

Insane reveal, your cad skills raise the bar. You actually did a really good good job making the reveal look just like 169’s. Mind blown.

Mortified Glaze:

Most obnoxious video editing and sound balance ever. First of all the vid starts of with cliche letters flickering in tandem with the song - wow you can align sound and visuals good for you, but any outsider will tell you it’s pretentious and not fun to look at, the two phrases fading in and out would have been better. And then after that comes the shots of the bot - AGAIN obnoxious and annoying - if you are going to have so many close up shots at least have decent lighting it match it, and the funny thing is with each shot then followed by the overall picture of the bot, you can’t even tell what you just looked at, it all seems like a display of how many different “cool” looking angles you can get of the bot. Show us the interesting bot components, with each shot with a reference to the previous component shown, so we actually know what we are seeing. How ironic is it that you can have expensive film equipment yet fail in almost all regards to video editing?

Joke, you have to get it😂


Nice reveal, and I like the trapdoor (I’ve also seen it called a pooper) on the back of the robot! It also reminds me of 169 a little bit :laughing:

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Nice trapdoor! I have been thinking about a way to solve this issue without a trapdoor as that seems to me that there is a better solution, but your trapdoor looks like a nice solution. I will continue to think about a way to deflect balls from going out of the robot the main way while minimizing movement on their path to improve cycle time.


That was an oopsie in the animation. See the shots at the end to see how the center goal will work for my robot.

I totally agree with you @4810n

What did you use to get the animation?

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He used blender I think.


I used Blender. Sorry for not responding earlier.

Thank you @TaranMayer

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Do your intakes flip out or is it within18”

The intakes flip out. This can be seen at the very end of the video.