5090X Change Up Winter Reveal

5090X Change Up Winter Reveal

This is our winter reveal for VRC Change Up.

Robot Specs:

4M 333 RPM Drive on 3.25 Inch Wheels
2M 200 RPM Intakes
1M 600 RPM Indexer
1M 1200 RPM Flywheel

Feel free to ask any questions you might have


why did you guys give up on the pooper design? Also love thoes lexan alignment thingies.

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Cool intakes. The tread should help mitigate dead zones while still allowing flex wheels to be flex wheels.

Ditto to the post above me, what inspired the removal of the pooper rollers?


We got rid of the trapdoor because

  1. We didn’t end up using it in matches at all
  2. We have a 216-point skills routine without it
  3. It took up a lot of space, and I wanted
    a) A small robot
    b) Room to spare length-wise
  4. It allowed for more power on the 3 primary rollers, allowing for less burnout and more speed.

Yes, this was the idea. There are so many sprockets on each side it’s not even funny. Multiple layers of chain. It’s never broken.

The only issues are that they can’t descore if the goal is too tight, and we have to do the pokey-thing with the center goal.

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I got a jpearman like :grin:


That’s unfortunate. That would be my one recommendation to redesign for

Yep. If we worlds-qual that’s the one thing I’m going to fix.

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very fast, I like the intake geometry.

Great bot, but I’m a bit worried about your plate mount on the right side. If the plate falls out in a match, your bot should technically be dqed.


Yep, that design was specifically made to be good at fielding balls.



stop it. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​


What’s the material on the hood? Kinda looks like tape.

Electrical tape. It’s only on the outside, and acts only as decoration to hide the ugly-looking foam-on-clear-lexan. It serves no practical function.

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K. I thought it might be for decoration. Wasn’t completely sure tho

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What’s your skills breakdown? Solid score btw

All in practice of course, but we have 110 driver and 106 prog. We’re looking at getting 118 driver soon.

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Have you tried wedging the goal up to descore easier?

I have thought about that, yes.

How did it go?
20 char.