5090X Change Up Winter Reveal

Awesome. In practice yeah, but still impressive

I’m waiting until after my upcoming comp to do more building.

Out of curiosity, how’d you get your hood to stay down for sizing?


Like this. Hood tucks under 3 bands.


You should aim for a grand slam of jpearman and foster likes :stuck_out_tongue:


Well then, I’d say I’m in good company at the top of this list on James’ profile.



Why ditch the previous 4" drive?

Small wheels are best for this game. Nothing to climb so why not sit lower. It helps cog

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I’ve seen this in a lot of reveals, but what’s that black foamy tape looking thing on the back of your indexer. I was thinking of adding that stuff onto my hood like in Xenon’s reveal.


As it turns out, I lied when I said this. Oops.


Looks like you get a different flight path if the ball isn’t in the exact same spot. The 4 bar deploy system is sweet, but consistency might be an issue for matches or driver skills.


As I said, spacing is still TBD.

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oh thanks
\20 characters

That has been a major issue with our teams intakes. redesigns are so very fun aren’t they : D

<sarc​asm> Very <​/sarcasm>

for me I am like 3 months behind on building
Thats because I might have set my goals to be to short:

  1. stupid goals were under 6.1" (a solid 6) now they are raised
  2. I wanted everything perfect 3 months ago

so designed ever thing really well(is all bad) and now I am behind

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