5090X Frisbee Frenzy Reveal



Great bot!!! It looks soo cool.

Is the Fly Wheel Grear ratio made with the sprockets and chain or is that just a rachet?

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sheesh, that rgb goes hard

direct drive on the main flywheel, 2:1 torque chain drive to the accelerator wheel

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Accelerator? :thinking:

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Sorry, I am a bit confused… is this the indexer or what is the accelerator wheel?

From what I can tell it’s not the indexer. It looks like a smaller flywheel that shoots the discs into the flywheel with more velocity, reducing the overall rpm drop of the shooting system. Similar accelerator wheels can be seen on 4082B’s robot reveal and 21417A’s robot reveal.


Ohhh I see thanks! What is its purpose? Dose it increase shooting speed?

The accelerator wheel decreases the rpm drop of the main flywheel when a disc is shot which as a result increases the maximum rate of fire.

smaller wheel before the main flywheel that pulls the frisbee the rest of the way up while also speeding it up to be going decently fast by the time it hits the flywheel.


So you have the 3600rpm motor direct drive into the flywheel and geared down 1:2 for the small flex wheel as your accelerator wheel?

yes. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​