5090X/Taran CI2D Reveal

5090X/Taran CI2D Reveal

Here’s my animation video for my Day 1 Concept that I posted the other day

I finished this last night, but I only got it uploaded this morning. It’s still technically a CI2D.

Here it is!

Motor distribution:

4M Drive
2M Lift
2M Intake

Feel free to ask any questions about the robot or animation! I used Blender to animate.


5090X/Taran CI2D Reveal

What is Taran? Is that your VEXU team? jsyk, those are usually capitalized

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5090X isn’t confirmed continuing this year, so I put my name there as well.

I might register TARAN in a few years tho.


I might register TARAN in a few years tho

I have evidence that team TARAN already exists.
I saw leaks of their sliders from Tower Takeover, they had their team name on them

Is the tray meant to hold the balls in between the four c-channel like rails? If so, that’s pretty smart and I might steal the idea if I have permission

One never needs permission to holecount

You’re thinking of the wrong Arizonan whose name starts with T



Oh and just FYI I do not plan on building this. I plan on going with the SCA snail design that we are working on and @Xenon27 posted.


Omg how are you making this? What are using? How do you do that. Cad does not seem to like me very much…

  1. Practice, and keyframes
  2. Blender, and some help from @Codec
  3. Design in CAD, export, animate in Blender
  4. Just practice more

Thank you. Wish it was easier. I also I was as good at that as you lol

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