5119z: Worlds Robot Reveal ! (part of team GB)

Hello All, finally time to reveal the team 5119z bot, that will be attending the world championships !

We are 1 of 6 UK Teams attending the world championships
the other teams are:

5194B - Volt Robotics (East Barnet School)
4664A - XLR8 (Nottingham High)
4664C - The Green Team (Nottingham High)
3116 - Team Control Freaks (John Warner School)
3116B - Team Control Freaks (John Warner School)

We will be arriving on tuesday 22nd, ready for the wednesday session.

So here is the robots specification:

4 Motor (HT) Mecanum Drive

4 Motor (HS) 6 bar parallel linkage lift

2 Motor (HS) Nomni Wheel Intake

2 Piston Big Ball Flipper (w/ 2 tanks)

The robot is able to:

-Drive over the bump
-Drive under 12" barrier
-Flip 3 bucky balls from back zone into goal zone (* if positioned correctly)
-Able to intake 3 of the oppositions bucky balls and flip them into a non-scoring position
-Flip Big Ball over 5 Tiles
-Able to manipulate and move big balls over all areas
-Able to stash large balls on top of the goal
-Able to stash upto 3 bucky balls per time
-Able to remove the 6th bucky ball from the goal
-Able to descore large ball and flip into a non-scoring position

The robot has 8 autonomous routines, 4 shown in the video below.

the 4 other routines feature two 15 point scoring routines, and two blocking routines.

here are a few pics:

any questions, please post a reply.

i would like to thank ADI Group (http://www.adiltd.co.uk/group/) & KUKA Robotics (http://www.kuka.com/) for sponsoring us in our last season of VRC as well as North Bromsgrove High School for supporting us through the years

Good Luck Everyone & See You In Anaheim

P.s. Keep track on how we are doing on twitter using @5119z](http://www.northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk/) )

Nice robot- looks like a nice improvement on the previous itinerations! Especially loving the omni intake

Just a couple of quick questions- will we be seeing a return of the hanging? Was looking solid at nationals. Also can you toss big balls during auton?

Best of luck at worlds, hopefully we will have the best UK finish at worlds yet! Its a shame we couldn’t be there but we will be on the live stream!

One final question will you b posting any driver control videos?

Best of luck


Hi Virus: we can toss big balls in autonomous (one of the last 4 routines) … with hanging, we scraped it as it was taking too long. and the 6 teams are fairly strong, never know.

and no driver control videos, didn’t get chance to film any :frowning:

Your Hanging Zone Auto routines are going to get you in trouble. The rules are really strict with manipulating more than three BB in Auto. In both of the videos, you hit an extra BB. The blue one was a certain DQ because it rolled off the bump into the middle zone, and the red one they might let you get away with because the one you hit stayed in the back zone.

You may want to tune those somehow. Get a gyroscope, maybe, and some form of feedback so that the angle you set the robot to is the same every time.

Hi Thanks for feedback, i have noticed this before, the reposition on the robot was incorrect in both situations. Normally the blue routine knocks all three with the large ball. and with the red routine, it was repositioned wrong, it was because i was filming and i usually do the repositioning. also we redid it after and there was no problems when i repositioned, but it wasn’t filmed :S

depending on time limitations on the wednesday of worlds, i will change the routines depending on testing etc.

How heavy is ur robot? I was trying to think if there is any chance you could use high speed motors on your drive

it is 7.5kg

it stalls when strafing on high speed motors :S

a quick update on the autonomous routines, just changed it, moved the lift & outake part of the code and put it on the alliance starting tile, meaning that the bucky ball hold is empty before driving 2 push off the large ball & bucky ball , just tested it as well and seems good :slight_smile: will have to test @ Worlds

Hi Liam,

As your robot is hanging, why aren’t you using a much faster gear ratio for your lift? e.g. 1:5?


Hi Volt, i am not hanging, and i found 1:5 slipped alittle bit more than the 1:7.

The new robot is looking great (: look forward to seeing you again at worlds

hi, thanks, see you in Anaheim :slight_smile: