5123C Instant Noodles Winter Reveal

5123C Reveal Youtube

Hello comrades. We’ve worked very hard on this robot and finally completed it to competition standards. Also we’ve already changed it significantly so a new one will be coming soon. Let us know what we could improve on.

Base: 2 motor 6 wheel H Drive
Intake: 2 motor, 3 level rubber band spinners, connected by chain to two front wheels
Catapult: 2 motor 1:7 with lotsa rubber bands
“Swiper” (To remove caps from posts): 1 motor 1:7

Swiper has been updated to get both heights of posts.

Do you really need a 1:7 gear ratio to knock off caps?
I thought they were pretty light?

you can knock them off with a 1:1 393 motor

Ok, uhh… a few things ->

  1. By H Drive, I assume you mean tank drive because you can’t do an h drive with 2 motors.
  2. Why exactly did u guys chain the intake and front wheels together? (i guess that helps with climbing) but those wheels don’t even touch the ground, you could just build a 1 motor intake and a 3 or 4 motor drive with all motors adding to the overall power of the drive instead of 2 motors driving wheels in the air adding nothing to the drive since the intake only needs 1 motor.
  3. With v5, you guys should be able to easily do a cat with only 1 motor, you don’t need 2
  4. You really don’t need a 1:7 ratio for the descorer, 1:3 or 1:5 should be sufficient.
    Hope this helps and sorry if you’ve already implemented any of these.

Does the catapult only work with one ball?

The catapult works with two balls, but we weren’t able to make it accurate enough to hit both before the video came out. For the swiper we used a 1:7 because we wanted to extend the arm to hit the top posts and that wouldn’t have worked with a 1:1. Not exactly sure why we decided on that size but that’s the way it’s built. The catapult was working with 1 motor but the 1 motor seemed to die way before even time for 1 match, therefore 2 motors

How about a 1:3 or 1:5? I think mine is 1:5, but it’s a bit overkill in complexity.

We might decide to go that 1:5 route because the gear seems to be getting awfully close to the catapult