5150 H-Bomb Reveal

Here’s our reveal video, which is already somewhat out of date. We figured out things like lifting 2 cubes at once after making this video.

And here is our flyer, which is up to date, and is what we will be handing out at worlds.

H-Bomb can currently:
-carry 7 stars comfortably and 10 maximum
-carry 1 cube and 3 stars easily, and 1 cube and five stars at most
-pick up and carry 2 cubes using 2 different techniques, depending on their position, and maybe even a star with them.
-use driver loads to carry 1 cube and five stars, 2 cubes, or even 3 cubes

These stats might sound a bit too good to be true, but we will be willing to show you its veracity in person at Worlds. Or maybe next Monday or Tuesday if you really want to see it.

Those are some insane capacities you guys are boasting. I think I might have to stop by. Good luck!

Thanks! It’s mainly a question of gathering that many stars and cubes. Robbing the practice fields is a possiblity

Wow! I’ll definitely stop by your pits at worlds!

In addition to the high capacity, we also have autonomous to suit all of our matches. So no matter what our alliance has for autonomous, we will have something that will work. Even if our alliance doesn’t have an autonomous we can compensate for them as well.

Unless there is a walbot, or we flip over our ally, which has happened once

For comedic purposes, I’d like to see a video of a robot glitching and throwing there alliance during autonomous.

Believe it or not, it has been done.