5212B Video Journal

I had an idea, instead of doing a regular reveal I’m going to start a Youtube video journal of our team/robot that I will add to as the season progresses, so stay tuned.

V.2 Update 1
V.2 Update 2
V.2 Update 3-Match from Hailey Comp

Let me know if you have any ideas of ways to improve this! I figured a more organized thread to link all my online videos to would be better than scattering them throughout my summer reveal thread.

Nice looking robot, interesting choice for having your skyrise intake on your conveyor.

I noticed some wobble issues with the skyrise claw as you drove, have you thought about using something to tension the claw down to fix wobble? Seems it slows you down a slight bit for lining up.

It’s different, but it makes it really easy to fit the passive claw while also having the claw belt intake. It also gives me a separate position changer for placing the skyrise pieces

I’m currently working on the wobble, and the getting an accurate enough code that will allow me to auto set the position for the claw. That should make a significant difference on build time.

Nice robot you have there!
I’m not sure if I should post this on your summer reveal thread or here, but I would like to know a bit of the thought process that led you to change from a RD4B to the 8 bar that you have currently. As it appears that the linear motion of your last robot would be a great advantage, particularly in skyrise building.
Also, have you done any drivers skills runs yet with this robot?

I do miss the linear motion but I wanted a heavier payload capacity while maintaining the 7:1 ratio for a fast lift. The 8 bar is also more predictable and stable than the reverse double 4 bar, which is a big thing especially when doing 3 cubes. The forward reach also helps for reaching the autoloader with a large base. We are currently still experimenting with a second robot that is a RD4B however.

As for driver skills, currently my highest is 30 pts (no practiced routine at the time). Our current routines goal is the low 40s by our next comp on the 15th.

I have seen one or two RD4B robots lift 3 cubes very well, one even with a 1:7 ratio.

Wow, Well Done! Will you be uploading video of it? This season many people have uploaded matches however have seemed to neglect uploading video of skills runs. I still want to see a really good 40 or so point run…

Now you see why we are experimenting with the RD4b again. It has great potential if done right. And hey, we have sister teams, why not run both?

I didn’t video the 30pt run sadly. I’ll be videoing and uploading the next runs for sure though!

So an update on the Top of Utah Tournament. We ended up ranked 1 and went into the eliminations with 2131c and 4184c as our alliance partners. It was a very exciting and well done tournament. We took home a tournament champion trophy and driver skills award.

Top of Utah Finals 1-1

Our new robot skills is 42. I Realized after the run that I forgot to start the camera so it didn’t get videoed…

Hello dart48,

Nice robot! It seems to lift 3 cubes with ease and score them easily. It was interesting to see your skyrise intake on the cube intake chain as well, well done :).

I do have a question though, I see 2 pneumatic reservoirs, but no pneumatic components or mechanisms. Could you explain what you use them for?


I get asked that question a lot. As of current, their only purpose is counterweight so I don’t tip at full height with 3 cubes. I do have a couple pneumatic gearboxes on the drawing board though…

Your very welcome :slight_smile:

For the toss up season, we never got our catapult working correctly so we also used them as counterweight to help prevent tipping :). I know the feeling… but good-luck on your gearboxes!