5249Z Worlds Reveal

See ya in Math Division :smiling_imp:


I like it! One question tho: why didn’t you decide to add a cap stacker instead of the simple descorer? Also, why did you choose not to add a scraper to grab balls off of the cap in auton?

Thank you! We tried to make a cap scorer, but decided that we wanted to be a much more defensive bot, and that caps can be descored SIGNIFICANTLY faster than they can be scored. The overhead cap scorers rely on a low cap being flipped to [the scoring team’s] opposite color, but we have found it much faster to just score all of the low caps to our color with the roller.

We also opted to not use a scraper because we don’t actually need one. We use our intake to tilt the balls off of the cap, allowing us to take the balls. Then we can reverse the roller and flip the cap. It has actually proven to be very reliable in autons. There is a very short clip of this in the reveal!


That move at 0:51 is really nice! Great bot overall. Any plans on adding a software double shot for convenience?

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Possibly, but probably not. Right now we are focusing our efforts towards perfecting our autons.

We did try to make a double shot macro, but decided against it. Since NJ States, our driver has perfected his manual double shot, and he prefers it over an automatic one. Now he is just as fast as any auto double shot.

@vexreally what team are you from? Are you in Math Division?

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I’d rather not say what team, but I am helping a sister team at worlds by scouting :slightly_smiling_face:.

OK @vexreally, hide your secrets. :thinking: