5278 Robot Reveal

The Brookwood Broncobots proudly present

5278B - “STEED” [ATTACH]9211[/ATTACH]

5278B STEED is a dedicated cube scorer. It has a flip out 3-cube passive intake with a 4-motor 1:7 double reverse four bar lift which is tall enough to score on 6 skyrise sections. The lift has a two-piston assist that acts on the lower angles of the lift, along with rubber band assists. The base is a 6 motor 2.75" omni wheel x-drive, with motors internally geared on turbo. Our maximum robot skills score has been 41 points with cubes only (16 cubes on posts plus 3 base goals). Our autonomous is a surprise c;


STEED is designed to pair with a powerful skyrise stacking robot. The extreme speed of the robot coupled with a 3-cube payload makes STEED a potent cube scorer. A turbo-geared 6-motor base allows for speed without losing power while also allowing STEED to be an extremely adaptive robot. The ability to bring a 3-cube payload to any side of the field within seconds gives it the ability to react to any situation without losing precious time.

Come visit our pit! We look forward to competing with you in the TECHNOLOGY division!
5278B night.jpg
5278B extended.jpg
5278B folded.jpg
5278B down.jpg

How did you manage to pull off a 6 motor holonomic drivetrain? Where did you place the last 2 motors?
Also, what score are you guys capable of in autonomous?

The last two motors are on the front wheels of the holonomic. It is an uneven distribution, but the combination of different weight distribution and 3 cubes loaded in the front make it effective.

I smell an underdog…