5278C Robot Reveal

Edit: our poster got mixed up on our team numbers- we are 5278A, not C. Sorry for the confusion!

The Brookwood Broncobots proudly present


5278A NYAN~NYAN is a hybrid skyrise stacking and cube scoring robot, with a primarily skyrise focus. NYAN~NYAN is a 6-motor 4-stage scissor geared 1:7, capable of stacking 7 skyrises and scoring on 6 skyrises with a 2-cube pneumatic intake. The base consists of a 4-motor x-drive, internally geared for speed with 3.25" wheels. NYAN~NYAN contains a backwards facing flip out pneumatic claw, and in combination with a piston powered turntable on the base, can score skyrises with accuracy and ease.


NYAN~NYAN is a primarily stacking robot, able to stack skyrises easily with its piston-actuated pivot. While it focuses on skyrises, a two cube pneumatic intake ensures that it can play both roles of the game. The x-drive (3.25" wheels geared for speed) is also remarkably fast and reliable, allowing this robot to maneuver and score cubes efficiently when the skyrise is done. NYAN~NYAN is a powerful all-around robot able to match others in both skyrise and cube capabilities.

Come visit us at our pit, along with our other team 5278B! We will see you in the SCIENCE division!
5278C top.jpg
5278C turntable.jpg
5278C extended.jpg
5278C down.jpg