5278C Worlds reveal

Hi! This is team 5278C from Georgia, United States.



8-motor flip-out x-drive
Geared at approximately 1:2.26
Stronger than most 4-motor base bots and 1:2 6-motor base bots
May change gearing to 1:1.41 depending on strategic demands at worlds

Can cross the bump forwards, backwards, and strafing; can turn while on the bump.

4 double-acting piston pneumatic lift. The lift is functional with two, but four gives us a much higher number of lifts.

about 14 lifts per match with 4 reservoirs filled at 100 psi- may be tuned to better performance. We hope to be able to borrow more reservoirs at Anaheim!

4 single-acting piston back launcher. It can make full-field shots, but the lift often uses up the air required to make full-field shots.

Standoff launcher inspired by 5003, chosen because of its compactness and a shortage of aluminum c-channels.

2-motor side intake, capable of both big balls and buckyballs.
“Magic” buckyball intake and the big ball intake doesn’t require a wall.

It is our first year competing in Vex Robotics, and as a result performed very poorly throughout the year until later in the year (basically until the state championship)

There, our robot (essentially rebuilt from scratch within a week, now partially disassembled in the background) performed very well, losing two matches in the qualifications because of a bad autonomous that caused us to tip on the 12" bar and bad motors. We finished as tournament finalists with 1961C and 4495A.

We may or may not clean up the messy wiring by worlds. Hope to see you there, and visit our pit! :slight_smile:

Does your arm have three stages or only two?

Two; the catapult can knock off the big balls off the barrier using two pistons, and other than that, we found multiple-stage lifts unnecessary and difficult given the small vertical space given on a robot (< 10 inches including clearance for bump)

Okay, flip out X-drive? How? Can I get a video of that? It looks like you bolted the sides of your drive to the supports for your air tanks. So, how does that work?

Are you sure that’s in the box? You have an 18" C-Channel as the support for the air tanks, and it looks like the motors stick out beyond that.

If you wanted suggestions, I’d say add a quick hanging hook on that, if your Pneumatics are able to lift your base off the ground. Easy 15 points.

I’m not sure if it was folded in all the way when I took the picture (it looks like the base hangs out in the picture), but all of the base fit under the aluminum c-channel that holds the pneumatic canisters.

The drive is not bolted onto the 1x5x1x35 c-channel; there is a hinged 4-bar that allows the drive to flip out while the standoffs, attached to the c-channel but not to the drive, on the front provide stability and prevent the 4-bar from sinking down. I might get a video of it tomorrow.

The c-channel is there primarily to attach the mini 4-bar and to provide stability.
It was inspired by WASABI A’s sack attack robot.

We did consider hanging using double-acting pistons on the catapult. However, the pistons were too far back to lift the robot up without some part of the base tilting and touching the ground. The same goes for the lift, where any point that would give the pistons sufficient leverage to lift the (heavy) robot is too far back to lift the robot off the ground without having it tilt forwards and have some part touch the ground.

Man, i will never forget you guys… your other 300rpm drive robot is horrofying. Great job and go georgia teams! Georgia rule!!!

And by the way, flip out x drive, pneumatic lift, strafing and turning on the bump, you guys integrated all the coolest things in vex.

pneumatic lift :slight_smile:

i wanna see this bot !

will try and pop by !

good luck, hope to see you in Anaheim !

Any videos?