5327 Scouting Database Public Release

It’s only been a few days since we posted a teaser about it, but our scouting database is ready for public release! In our excitement, we pulled a few late-nighters to get the GUI done:

Just as before, there are currently three options: search for a team by number, search for teams by location, and search for teams by name. For the team search option, we’ve also created printable versions, so if you’re crazy enough to bring a printer to Worlds, you can make datasheets about all of your match opponents! Our website also has an automatically-generated mobile version:

We also have our private scouting system for cataloguing reveals as well as pit and match scout notes, and we’re looking into possibly expanding that to interested teams in the future. For now, this lookup system is ready for anyone to use! Feel free to try it out at scouting.dhsrobotics.com and tell us what you think!

Fantastic work!

Great work. My only question is how come only some team have names listed? For example i typed in my team but it didnt say our name just our number but 1241Q came up with yheir school, name and everything… Just wondering

Sorry about that–should’ve mentioned it in the original post. The list of teams is directly from the RobotEvents team list for the World Championship, so only teams attending the High School World Championship will have team information available.

It’s simply amazing and will be very useful instead of searching for it ourselves. I applaud this amazing work and thank you for creating this amazing website!

It’s great how much enthusiasm you all have for our little pet project :stuck_out_tongue: We think this has a huge amount of potential in the future. Next year we will already have the infrastructure, so we can hit the ground running in terms of getting in as many CSV files and team profiles as we possibly can. We can add more functionality, like perhaps showing a picture for every team. And as my teammate hinted at before, we could possibly release the code to all of you guys to improve and utilize yourselves for scouting info or whatever other functionalities you can think of. I personally think the VEX community at large could really benefit from this. And not just because my team created it :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it a lot
It should check if a team exists before data is displayed. There is a list of all registered teams on robotevents
select teams and a list comes up on the bottom

Thanks for the suggestion! We’re planning to spend more time on this over our summer break sometime after Worlds. We will definitely consider everyone’s suggestions when making improvements and adding features.

this looks awesome! great work!

When I enter search by location, only teams going to worlds appear. Is this bug or does it only display teams going to worlds from a location. I can still enter a non-world team by their team number.

At the moment, our database only displays teams going to Worlds in the search for team by location and search for team by name options. This is because we are taking that information (team name, organization and location) from the the Worlds team list. You can still search all team numbers in the search by number option, but you may notice that it does not display the team’s name, organization and location at the top like it does with the teams going to Worlds.

Since there are no more qualifying tournaments before Worlds this year (11 more days!), we figured having only the Worlds team list would be okay for now. But for the future, we are definitely going to expand our list to all VEX teams.

What is that optional password field that was added recently ? Thanks again for the program!

We recently created a private scouting system for our club’s scouts to enter data at tournaments. The system is currently only for use by our school. If other schools are interested in using our system to securely store their data, we will consider making it available to everyone for the 2013-2014 VEX Season.

When you say you extracted the data from the csv files on RobotEvents, did you manually download them from each and every event or is there some kind of “download all” that I can’t find?

Because the direct links to the .csv files vary only by the SKU number in the URL, one of our members was able to write a script that looped through every possible SKU to download all of the .csv files.

Ah got it pretty cool! Much easier than doing such a thing manually :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you rank teams?

Did playoff performance factor into this? (E.g. did “Overall Champion” get reflected in our ranking?)

We don’t currently rank all teams. The ranks under the “rank” column indicate the team’s performance during the qualification round at a tournament.

This is AWESOME, you guys should make this an App so we can have easier access to this :smiley:

Check out my app, VEX Tournament Viewer, for Android 4.0 and up. I implemented this database in my app (with permission from 5327, of course).