5327B Pre-States Reveal

Gael Force Robotics Team 5327B is proud to present our pre-NorCal States robot for '16-'17 Starstruck:

4 motor base
6 motor lift
2 piston claw
1 piston tension release

Questions/comments welcome.

53 hours and 27 minutes until States…

Very cool robot! How do those custom omni wheels work? Are those just nylon spacers zip-tied onto a pulley wheel?

Robot looks great! Good luck at States!

Wonderful reveal! Good luck at states :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey… That’s pretty good.

What flips out at 1:37?

I’m sorry. What team are you on this year? For some reason, I can’t seem to find 5772 on vexdB.

a tension release

@mwang17 Yup, just spacers and ziptie on a pulley wheel. As long as you get them not too loose and not too tight, the spacers spin freely on the pulley wheel.

@Sirchiggins101 That is our tension release mechanism, which allows us to detach the bands assisting the lift up so that the robot has enough power for a hang. The States-edition of this robot doesn’t hang, so the tension release is just prep for our skills-focused robot in two weeks.

This is an incredible reveal video very well made. My team can’t wait to compete against your robot! Good luck at states!

@EfrainGonzalez Thanks! We’ll see you there :slight_smile: