5327w First competition review

This is our robot competing at our first competition at dougherty valley high school.


6 motor 6 bar lift

2 motor side rollers

4 motor high speed tank drive

Feedback would be nice, thanks!

Nicely done!

One thing that would improve your scoring rate would be to have more capacity. I would recommend looking at toss-up side roller builds. That season side rollers with a storage tray extending into the area between the linkage arms was common. The size of the scoring objects this year makes that much more difficult, but if you could carry 3-4 stars rather than 1-2, that would be great. With a six motor lift I expect lifting the weight would not be a problem.

Thanks for sharing your build.

Pretty good. I have to say, whatever you do, make your side rollers more stable, or at least keep them from swinging inwards. You’ve lost so many stars/cubes to that. Fix that, add an expanding tray as @Doug Moyers said, and that bot should be good.

it was good and I have to say it is a unique design but i agree that the rollers are inefficient and it needs more inward pressure to make sure you don’t let go of stars/cubes while driving to the fence. i also noticed that in all of the matches you played and won in, both robots in all of the alliances you faced scored 1 or 2 stars max throughout the whole match, so it wasn’t much competition. So, increased capacity and inward pressure are your keys and just a more reliable and efficient intake.

but yeah i think that it is a really good build and if the capacity increases, it could be amazing. kudos for creativity in intake too!

Yeah, we realized that the capacity wasn’t high enough, and that it couldn’t really hold the game objects tightly enough…

We also realized that with 2 motors, a claw would probably be more effective…

So, we’re switching to claw! =)

In our claw, we’re having difficulties with the speed of the lift when we’re lifting like a cube or 3 stars. It gets really slow… any suggestions on how to make it faster?

We have a 6 high torque motor lift, 1:5 external. Would rearranging the motors so that they all power the same gear help?

Rubber bands. Think of the elastics doing all of the lifting, and the motors holding the lift down.

Coming from another team that has a side roller that is a really good start. The one tip i have is the wider variety of angels you can intake from will help you intake quicker and more consistently.

I agree that rubber bands or elastics would help a lot. we have a pronged dumper that has a capacity of 3 stars or 1 cube and that is mainly because we elasticized the hell out of the lift. it also helps for us and probably for you that it keeps it up so that you can drive to the fence without the mechanism falling down and then the game objects falling out. that should help a lot with scoring efficiency and total scoring throughout the whole match. One thing that we realized is that try to put the rubber bands/elastics as high as possible on the lift, it helps a lot with their overall effectiveness.