536 Robots Play Ghostbusters Theme Song

So being a programmer and having a little spare time, I programmed 2 of our robots to play the song Ghostbusters in Stereo using the Vex Speaker! Each robot plays a different part, making the whole song.

Hope you enjoy

Good Job! I wish our team had the time to do something like that. How long did it take you to program your robots to do that?

That’s awesome! Is that legal to do that in autonomous? I kind of want to do Sharp Dressed Man or something like that now just because it would be super cool.

This is a combination of two of my favourite things: 80’s pop culture and robots. Totally awesome.

This kind of thing is absolutely legal in Autonomous. I’m not sure how well you will hear it over the cheering people, but you can certainly set it up.

The speaker can get really loud. I used the speaker to beep during aton at the last tourney I went to and one time it got turned up and made the alliance jump :slight_smile:

So wait how does it all work? Can you just choose a song and the speakers make beeps of it or do you have to do a bunch of different beeps with different tones? Like how does the programming work?

You updated to version of EasyC (Current release)? If so, there’s a tutorial that’s packaged with the program. It apparently has instructions on how to use the speaker. I’m running the updater now so I can take a look at it.

EDIT: Yeah, Tutorial 19 has some instructions. Have fun.

OK I can try and look into it. Not sure we have the most updated versions of Easy C… actually… wait. We have EasyC V4 so maybe we do? I know I haven’t updated anything though so I’m not sure.

You probably aren’t on the new version. Luckily, you can just go to Help–>Check for Updates. That loads a web page that tells you if you’re on the most recent version. If not, click the download link and install.

OK thanks. I will look at this tomorrow.

Being in their region and having been to many tournaments with 536 this year, you can definitely hear the speaker no problems… it just plays different beeps with different tones to make the sound.

Because that was my first one it took about 5 hours to make but I can now do them in about 3 hours.

I never thought that Karthik would comment on a thread I made outside of the Q & A!

We will be playing the Star Wars Cantina this weekend and will have a video up next week.

Also Karthik if you have request for a song that you want made, I will make it and post the video.

This thread is just asking for this video…

I hate you. Sooooo much.
I hear that song once, and it is in my head for the day.

Great job!

One note: If this was done in PROS, one robot could play both parts (and a third) at once using speakerPlayArray. Two robots could mean six simultaneous notes…

Thank you.

We would use PROS, but we currently run a custom competition template that is essential to our programming so it would not be possible to easily port over our code. I may try using PROS for just the sound recording.

I found the MIDI file for A Team and am working on editing it now.

I don’t hate Karthik, because now I know what that song is that Top Gear usually uses when they create something utterly ridiculous. :smiley: